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Greensburg, Indiana

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Aug 3 1953

Dear Mr Higdon;
I am the daughter-in-law of Forrest Higdon and writing this for him. Papa was pleased to receive your letter but I am afraid his help will be of no great value. He thought he had an old Bible containing a lot of dates but when he looked for it he could not find it, perhaps it has been destroyed so far as he knows your dates are right as you may already know Papa (Forrest) is the only child of his father (Jacob) and Papa has only one child, Edward, and we have no children so you see there isn't many around here with the Higdon name. I have heard of two other families in this county with the name of Higdon but I think Papa claims to be related to them.
In answer to some of the questions you ask:
Papa thinks his grandfather was born in Harrisburg Kentucky and the great-grandfather born in Millhousen in Maryland. Both his father and grandfather are buried at the cemetery about 3/4 mile out of New Point. In case our address misleads you, we still live at the edge of New Point but there is no rural delivery from New Point which throws us to be on a Greensburg route. My Mother-in-law is dead. Papa lives with us or us with him at what was his Mother's home. Papa is janitor at school which is just across the highway from us. Edward is a factory worker at Batesville about 7 miles east of us.
You ask about Hazel Green, Kentucky. We did not have a good map of the state and the one we did have did not show that town so roughly guessing it is about 150 miles from here.
So far as Papa knows you are right about the deaths of Benjamin and Jim. I think you have traced the family tree and have more information than Papa. But it was interesting to get your letter and sorry not to help you out more. We would be glad to hear from you again and would be glad to see you should you find it convenient to come our way sometime.
Yours truly,
Mrs. Edward Higdon
written to Hobart Higdon August 3 1953

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