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in my grandmothers handwriting continued...

aunt minerva collection
handwritten document
Creswell Family Records folder
this particular document written by my grandma Grace

John Yancey Creswell is a brother to Alice Creswell Maxwell
John Yancey Creswell married Cynthia Whitt Sunday morning Oct 15 1837
their children are:
1. Minerva Creswell b. Tues. July 31 1838
2. Cosba Creswell b. Tues. Dec 24 1839
3. Harriet Creswell b. Wed. Oct 6 1841 Harried died in Virgina Tues. Dec. 15 1842 with diptheria
4. Ballard Preston Creswell b. Tues. July 25 1843. He was called Preston. HE was missing in the Civil War in the March to Georgia. He was drafted when sick and taken in the march to Georgia. The last they knew of himn he had give out and was sitting on a log in Texas.
5. Lenzey (Louesy) Creswell b. Oct 21 1845. Lenzey died when they lived in Iowa. she was buried in a cemetery 5 or 6 miles northwest of Patterson Iowa. Madison Co. died of typhoid fever.
6. Suffrona Creswell b. Wed Dec 29 1849 Storm came up and going to the cellar-door blew up against her and hurt her. she died soon after.
7. Erastic Worth Creswell b. Mon Nov 26 1849
8. Emily Creswell b. Dec 31 1852
9. Patrick Henry Creswell b. Monday april 2 1855
10. Griffe Scages Creswell b. Sat May 23 1857

(my note: they lost a baby to diptheria, a grown son to the Civil War, a daughter to typhoid fever, a grown daughter who died from injuries from a cellar door during a storm...)

Marriage of John Yancey & Cynthia Creswell children
1. Minerva Creswell-James C Maxwell
2. Cosba Creswell-Josiaph Peery Gilliland
3. Suffrona Creswell-Shirred McGowen
4. Erastic Creswell-Amranda Creswell
(under Amranda's name says Married Charley Seiverns no children)
5. Patrick Henry Creswell-Adda Syres
6. Griffie Scages Creswell-Anna Severns March 1887

Suffrona Creswell is a sister to Minerva Maxwell.
Suffrona Creswell & Shirred McGowen children:
1.Orval PErry McGowen b. Jan 1874
2. John Yancey McGowen b.Wed July 5 1876
3. Maud Susan McGowen b. Sun April 20 1879
4. Henry Franklin McGowen

marriage of Suffrona & Shirred McGowen children:
1. Orval PErry McGowen -Viola-no children
2. Maud Susan McGowen -Preston Harland

Maud & Preston Harland had a son born Aug 1904 who died when small,don't remember his name.

Brother to Suffronia & Minerva
Erastas Worth & Amranda McGowen Creswell children:
1. Pascal Oliver Creswell b. FEb 1874
2. Magga Eva Creswell b. 1876
3. Ida Pacience Creswell
4. Preston Yancey Creswell b. Sat. May 1 1886

marriage of Erastas & Amranda Creswell children:
1.Pascal Oliver Creswell married Carrie Alice Truex
2. Magga Eva Creswell-Fred Shipps no children
3. Ida Pacience Creswell married a Sipes

PAscal & Carrie Creswell had a daughter
1. Nella May Creswell b. May 23 1900 Wed/

Nella May Creswell married Clinton Hughes
1. baby boy died at birth
2. Edela Martice Hughes
3. Betty Joe Hughes died when small
4. Doris Hughes
5. Velma Hughes
6. Clinton Albert Hughes
7. Wayne Hughes

Ida Pacience Creswell Sipes children
1.Mildred Sipes

Mildred Sipes married ___________ Mores, they had a daughter.
1. Alvenia Mores

brother of Suffronia, Minerva, & Erastas
PAtrick HEnry Creswell married Adda Syres
1. Baby boy died very young
2. Mildred Lucille Creswell b. 1883

Mildred Lucille Creswell married Ray Robbins first, (I think it says 2 wks-month) annulled. then Ira Fulkerson.
children with Ira Fulkerson:
1. Wilma
2. Willa
3. Henry
4. Wilber
5. Addalene

Brother to Suffronia, Minerva, Erastas, Patric
Griffie Scages Cresswell-Anna Severns Creswell children:
1. Henry Newton Creswell b. Sun Sept 16 1888
2. Ocie Ethel Creswell b. Tues. March 6 1892

marriage of Griffie & anna Creswell Children:
1. Henry Newton Creswell -Edna Oaldfield children
(Henry & Edna raised her niece Connie)
#1. Ruth Heneryetta Creswell married Buck Carter
2. Ocie Ethel Creswell married Guy Cassity

children of Ruth & Buck Carter
1. Henry Carter
2. Connie Ruth Carter

children of Ocie & GUy Cassity
1. Vern Cassity . Mon April 3 1911
2. Ethel Cassity b. Monday Feb 9 1914

marriage of Ethel & Guy Cassity children:
Vern Cassity married Leona Emmons
1. Gary Cassity b. Friday Nov 10 1933

Garry Cassity married Pat Broadus 1954
1. Pam Cassity b. FEb 19 1955
2. Terry Lynn Cassity b. Feb 28 1956

Ethel Cassity married a Smith.

Thomas Witten & Gilly Mae Maxwell are our parents.
James C. & Minerva Maxwell our grandparents
Witten & Alice Maxwell our great grandparents

Alice Creswell Maxwell was dau. of Henry Creswell

Henry Creswell was our great great grandpa
James Creswell was our great great great grandpa

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