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Marie may refer to:
Marie (given name)

It may also refer to:

[hide] 1 Fiction
2 Film and television
3 Music
4 Ships
5 Other
6 See also

[edit] Fiction
Marie, novel by H. Rider Haggard featuring Allan Quatermain
Atelier Marie, the first game in Atelier (series)

[edit] Film and television
Marie (film), a 1985 American film about the parole board scandals in Tennessee under Ray Blanton, directed by Roger Donaldson
Marie, TV series featuring Marie Osmond
Character Marie Barone on popular TV Show, Everybody Loves Raymond

[edit] Music
"Marie", a song written by Irving Berlin, that was a hit for Tommy Dorsey (#1), Rudy Vallée (#2), Nat Shilkret (#9), Franklyn Bauer (#15), The Four Tunes and The Bachelors
"Marie" (song), a hit for Johnny Hallyday
Marie, song by Solveig Sandnes
Marie-Jeanne, song by Joe Dassin from the album Les deux modes de Joe Dassin
Marie Laveu, song by Canned Heat from the album Boogie with Canned Heat
Marie, EP by the band Romance of Young Tigers

[edit] Ships
USS Marie, the name of more than one United States Navy ship
SS Marie, a number of steamships with this name

[edit] Other
Mars Radiation Environment Experiment (MARIE), spacecraft instrument
Marie, Alpes-Maritimes, commune of the Alpes-Maritimes department in France
Marie biscuit, type of sweet biscuit similar to a Rich Tea biscuit

[edit] See also
Marié, a Japanese feminine given name

to this list I add:
Mabel Marie Shroyer Dailey Hass
and her great granddaughter Koren Marie Dailey Wills

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