Saturday, June 2, 2012

Joseph Bryant

JOSEPH BRYANT Back in the early days of the County, John W. Brown, county clerk, had a sickly young man, lately come from Indiana, living on one of his farms, with his parents. Because of his physical condition he was not able to do hard work, and further because he was a good penman, Mr. Brown gave him a job in his office in Bethany. From this small start the young man applied himself well and gave good attention to business. With his limbs gnarled with pain and disease and with an organic digestive disorder, he kept on regardless of these handicaps and became successful in business, so that in 1917 it was found that he had amassed the largest fortune up to that time this county ever had. His name was Joseph F. Bryant. Joseph F. Bryant was born in Bartholomew County, Indiana, January 21, 1841. He was the son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Hancock) Bryant, natives of Garrard County, Ky. The family moved to Harrison County in 1851 and settled in Adams Twp. Brothers and sisters of Joseph were Mary (Walton), Eliza (Endsley), William, and Martin Luther Bryant. At 17 years, Joseph came to Bethany and for 9 or 10 years was employed in County Clerk, Probate Judge and other offices. He received his education at Edinburg College, walking there from Bethany and walking back aftter semester. He was admitted to the Bar in 1862. From 1865 he dealt in real estate. His penmanship was outstandingly beautiful. In July, 1866, he married Rhoda Manus, who with her sister, had emigrated from Ireland. They were the parents of Mary, John, Cora (Neal), and Stephen Ora. Rhoda died in 1877. In August of 1878, Joseph married Anna E. Robinson. Their children were, Pauline (Martin), Elizabeth (Reid), Joseph Jr., Wiliam P., Elsie (Endsley), George, Bert and Howell. Joseph F. Bryant was a Republican and a member of the First Christian Church of Bethany. He died January 16, 1917. transcribed by: Melody Beery source: Harrison County Bicentennial History

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