Sunday, June 17, 2012

wise words

I am reading the book we bought at Great Smoky National Park....The Cades Cove Story by A. Randolph Shields. and these words are so true..... I plan to someday write an actual genealogy book of our family....and I want to borrow the gist of his words for it! "Over the trails and roads they came, carrying their few .....belongings. They came to clear the forests and make their living from the...soil. They built sturdy cabins from the trees they felled and then built barns and corncribs and fences...The earliest pioneers must've had many different motivation driving them west...those who remained became more cohesive...It was not an easy life. The people worked hard and enjoyed their pleasures when they could. How they lived and spent their days is part of the ...story." "Most people who look back on family life...with fondness of good fellowship and joy in sharing hardships and good times. Although their was rarely more than necessary, very few families went hungry, and somehow or other, shoes and warm clothes were on hand for winter."

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