Sunday, July 29, 2012


Evie's memorial book, aunt minerva collection
this is in Grandma Gilly's cool is that I can recognize the handwriting of a woman I never got to meet by doing genealogy?deb
Mildred Evie Maxwell, our eldest child and was never very strong although a very lively thoughtfull and plans for work and play to entertain the younger babies at the age of 4 1/2 she had a serious illness from which the Dr. said we need not be surprised that she be left with paralysis and at teh age of 6 it developed paralysis at the time he said it was usually in the throat and would be mostly overcome and usually just the speech was affected. Although it affected the whole system she never gave up she used her hands to perform all kind of home work and helped with all the children being their mother with anything wished to work at and an advisor as they needed a blessing and help not only at home also with the neighbors as they gathered in the home she has been so missed by all was loved by all. The lord giveth adn the lord taketh away.

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