Sunday, July 29, 2012

Christmas Tidings

from Evie Maxwell memorial book, aunt Minerva collection
this Christmas Card is fastened into the back cover of Evie's memorial book. front of Card reads Christmas Tidings. insidse "May the peace and joy of CHRISTMAS fill your NEW YEAR with great happiness and good cheer" handwritten is "Never a Christmas morning never the old year ends but someone thinks of some one old days, old times, old friends." signed Mr and Mrs Joe Neff
enclosed is a letter "Dear Friends, These Greetings are for you & in memory of Eva. I shall never forget her & the joy I had in knowing her just by letter. We often talk of our old neighbors & friends & hear of many who have passed on. Just heard from Charley Tripps saying (?) Thompson & Jess Shirley had passed away.
I think you knew Minnie Pilcher. She lives in California.She, her husband, and son visited us last summer. Her son is now in the service. Myrtle lives out there too.
Our son Howard's boy who is in the navy is on his way home from Korea where he's been since before the war begun. He's due to be discharged next April at which time he wil have served 4 yrs. one year extra over his enlistment time.
Maurice's boy is in training for a gunner on war plane. Howard has another son who's just past 18 but he is school in Denver University taking ROTC. So you see the war is close to us too.
I feel so sorry for our boys in the front lines in Korea. And for what?>\.
Hope you and all your family are well & may the new year be good to you. Your friend, Mrs Joe Neff

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