Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Memories of Our Wedding

a soft satiny padded book of pictures from my great grandparents Maxwell, from the Aunt Minerva collection.... there are 3 fabric scraps inside the front cover....are they from clothes they wore at their reception? their wedding? wish I knew! will scan the old pictures when Kevin hooks up the new scanner... our ancestral trees BRIDE Gilly May Higdon MOTHER Mary Alice Higdon FATHER Phillip Higdon MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER Gilly May Bryant MATERNAL GRANDFATHER Jack Bryant PATERNAL GRANDFATHER George Higdon MATERNAL GRANDMOTHERS MOTHER Gilly May Nelson GROOM Thomas W Maxwell MOTHER Minerva Maxwell FATHER James C Maxwell GRANDFATHER MATERNAL Yancy Creswell GRANDMOTHER PATERNAL Cynthia Whitt Maxwell GRANDFATHER PATERNAL Whitt ////////////////////////////// This 14 day of March 1960 one year since pop passed away has been a real snowy Lonesome day and I am all alone Minerva was the only one of the children that has called this 9 oclock nine o'clock and my usual bedtime some way am not sleepy Just thinking of what the year has been like that I wished to think about and the decisions I wished to make by that time I have decided to deed the property to Leland and Minerva and shall not let them know only through this if they should happen to see it should any one of the children wishes to own it they will have to fix the values according and if it is sold to a stranger I wish enough to be taken to put a good fence on the Cat Creek Cemetery on the part that is on the Creswell-Maxwell part of the from (Punkm?) to Maple land at least This is why I have chosen these two would have put John & Leland had John been close & find these two can think of all concerned with the least hard feeling or hurting words. Each child has had the share in helping with the home Jim with Grandpa and helping buy Evie chairs Leland with fence and taxes. John every way even to the allotment. Grace wtih taxes (?) at home to toake them to in sickness, the five inlaws are fine have all been good to especially Dale and Thelma. They look over my shortcomings so well Vermal has been wonderful in teh helping as he could please by knowing how and doing as he thought it best. Now children dont think I should not do this for just now you are all alive there would not have to be probated although you may not be here when i go I hour earned all of the place so can do this I never married the inlaws that is your problems. Grace and Minerva will know what you children can use and want sell all other household goods and if I don't get pops stone up match Evies at Blackmores love and God Bless You Mother ---------------------- This certifies that Thomas W Maxwell of Taggart Missouri and Gilly May Higdon of Taggart Missouri were united in marriage at the home of her father, Phillip Higdon according to the laws of the state of Missouri on the 15 day of April in the Year of our Lord 1900 by Frank S Springer witnesses Bart Utterback, Emma Higdon, Emma Utterback =============================== Among those present...Bernice Orton, Frank Orton, Norma Orton, Martha Orton, John Franklin Orton of ElDorado Kansas; Chesley O Higdon of Goldendale Nash.; Joe Higdon and Belle Higdon of Birch Tree, Mo; J.W. Orton & Emma Orton of Rosalia Kan.; Nannie Stanley of Cainsville, MO; Emma Utterback , Bart Utterback, Vermal Brown, Janet Mae Brown, Charlene Ann Brown, Sharon Kay Brown, & Grace Brown of Trenton MO; Grace Williams of Winona Mo; Roy Y Creswell & Eula P Creswell of 1206 Gregari Place St Louis Co. 14, MO; Mildred Creswell Fulkerson, Johnny Wilbur Peery, & Ira Fulkerson of Jamesport MO; Eva Brown Maxwell (daughter in law), Marshal Jane Mawell, Marsha Maxwell (granddaughter), Leland Maxwell (son) of Marshall, MO; Minerva Maxwell Brown (daughter), Dale Brown (son in law) of Brimson Mo; Mr & Mrs Joe Chambers , Mrs Inez Bush and son Billy, & Vada Chambers of Chillicothe MO ; Mr & Mrs Roye Johnson of Greeley Colorado; Mr and Mrs Ross Hobbs of Sampsel MO; Mr and Mrs Harley Maple, Cainsville MO; Thelma DeLois Maxwell and John Maxwell (son) K.C. MO; Robert La Verne Murphy, Doris Murphy, Beryle Dale Murphy, Rex Murphy, Pat and Mike Murphy, Jimmy Mac Murphy of Brimson Mo; to be continued////

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