Friday, July 27, 2012

on the 15 day of February 1953-

(from Our Wedding Book that belonged to my great grandparents Maxwell, in the Aunt Minerva collection) the 14 day was the real date of the aniversary of the 50th wedding of Emma Higdon Orton and John Wesley Orton. Which was held at their Home on a farm near Rosalia Kansas. Thomas W. Maxwell and Gilly Maxwell his wife, and Nannie Stanley and Vermal Brown, attended. driving from Trenton on the 14 and returning on the 15 to their home in trenton a family Reunion of the Higdons was supper on the 14 of Feb. 1953 at teh Hobart Orton home. four of the five Higdon children being present. they were by age Mrs Nannie Stanley 75 years of age, Mrs Emma Orton 71 years of age, Mrs Gilly Maxwell 69 years of age, Hobart Higdon 58 years of age. I am assuming this is my great grandmother Gilly's handwriting, which looks a lot like my grandma Grace's handwriting.

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