Wednesday, August 1, 2012

information on Maxwell History wanting to know more about the Marrs Family History (her husbands family), Grundy Co.

this is the inscription on the outside of this large manilla envelope in Aunt Minerva Brown's handwriting, postmarked Jan 27 '97 Knoxville IA, $.78 postage, from Jean Leeper of Knoxville, IA to Minerva Maxwell Brown of Rt 2 Box 182 Brimson Missouri 64642, First Class Mail.
yep, you guessed it: the next entry in the infamous aunt minerva collection. she was an amazing woman. she searched for information, collected it, saved it for the future. Brimson no longer was her address at the time of her death, their post office had closed, and her address changed to Gilman City, I believe.
I have previously blogged this Family Group Report- 26 Jan 1997- James "Great White Chief" Maxwell Major and wife Jane Roberts
, as well as the other included reports: Family Group Report 26 Jan 1997 James Marrs; Descendant Report 26 Jan 1997 James Great Chief Maxwell; family group report 26 jan 1997 Hnery [Big Creek Marrs] Marrs.

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