Monday, August 20, 2012

Peter Phoenix Doze

Real name was Peter Phoenix Doze. Everyone called him P.P. Doze. The picture at the river was very blurry. I think someone had blown it up to 8 x10 size from a small picture. Kent's cousin, Gary Doze believes the picture might have been taken at the large pond/lake on the Doze property. The picture of him with the crows and owls: He didn't like crows and owls because they carried off baby chickens, baby rabbits, and destroyed the song birds. He considered the crows as "Bandits of the Air." I have a big article about his crusade against the crows! If I ever find it, I'll send it. Hope these files aren't too big. Vicki got these today from Kevin's cousin Vicki Doze.

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