Friday, August 31, 2012

Samp Sherman Hughs

here he is again. what a good looking guy! no relation, but here's his history...born Dec. 10 1886, married Maude Shirley June 20 1907. she died July 10 1910. married Bertha F. Colwell Nov. 16 1912. , they were the parents of Lester Aude b. 1913, Loma Marie b. 1915, Bertha died Aug 16 1917. Nov 7 1929 married Lulu Walker. they were the parents of Prescella Elizabeth b.1929, Arthur Lee b.1932, Mary Ann b.1934, Jessie May b.1936, John Sherman b.1939, James Matthew b.1942, Marion Glenn b.1944, Joyce Loretta b.1946, Gilbert Leroy b.1950
Samp Hughes lived and reared his family on acres acquired by his father John W. . located about two and a half miles southwest of Brimson. after his father died Samp maintained the farm and later bought it. Samp died Oct 16 1966. he is buried in Coon Cemetery . Lulu Huges lived on the farm for several years but now resides in Topeka, Ks. near a daughter.
here he is pictured with Bertha. he married young, buried 2 wives, lived a long lfe, had a large family

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