Thursday, August 23, 2012

To The Pioneers

To The Pioneers
A chapter of history has been written
Each time a pioneer passes on
And their story is almost completed
For those oldtimers will soon be gone.
No longer we'll hear from their own lips
Of the many adventures they had
Of the hardships and trials they endured
In poor times, and when the weather was bad.
Now they came to the west in a wagon
Drawn by oxen, through wind, rain and sun
With only their folks few possessions
To find a home in Saskatchewan.
Many days over trails they did travel
Through the long prairie grass, their way made
Suffering sickness and many misfortunes
And the fear of an Indian raid.
When they finally located a homestead
A small shack was built on the land
The early pioneers made sod houses
Where no wood could be found at hand.
You may hear about all of their hardships
But they'll tell you some 'fun' stories too
Of the school dances, socials and picnics
And their own community do's.
The men helped their neighbors at threshing
Or a barn raising bee, often held
Traded what they'd not need to another
Or help dig a new neighbor's well.
The women assisted each other
Whenever a new child arrived
Did chores while her husband was working
At odd jobs, to help them survive.
But not all of course were just farmers
For they came here from all walks of life
Some to live in a village or hamlet
They experienced their full share of strife.
Now to those pioneers yet remaining
Our respect, admiration we give
May your courage, your strength and your spirit
In generations to come ever live.
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