Saturday, November 24, 2012

they sent an old cook out to Helena Montana yesterday and think that will be all this month.

aunt minerva collection...
return address CPL John Maxwell
H.Q. Co. Barrack 3
No. 87016789
R.C.C. 1773 Ft Leavenworth Kans.
where stamp goes, "free" is handwritten
addressed to Minerva Maxwell, Brimson, Mo.
postmarked Fort Leavenworth Kans. 5 p.m. Sept 10 1942
Sept 4 '42
Dear Sis, well i will try and write a few line to let you know that I am all right and still here but don't know how long yet as they sent an old cook out to Helena Montana yesterday and think that will be all this month. I have been down to K.C. today and was down last Tuesday nite.
I don't think ever will get a pass to come home anymore for they don't like for any body to be away that long.
JAcob Little had been on K.P. three days this week he like it just fine. I think will go over to Topeka to the fair one day when it starts.
Stay busy and make a good school teacher for when this war is over probably will need somebody to take care of me. I saw Earl Shirley girl friend in K.C. today she was going down to see him. She said Earl was going to be sent across soon. well I had better close for this time.
your brother, John
Spt 10 '42 Dear Sis, well the sun is shining again today the first time in several days now. I went downtown last nite to the show it sure was good but don't as now if I will go. I have not been down to K.C. for a week now and don't think will go until Sunday nite would like to come home then but don't think will get to as they have about all the cook gone now.
I have not seen anybody I knew for week now so they must have them about all in now. Well I suppose you have learned the kid all that they should know and about ready to close again or do you think it will take another week yet
I have not been working so hard the last two week as they put me on an easy job now got to work at six and off at nine but think I have put in enough hard work for this place as can get by just as easy not working as to work.
well, they have changed our way of addressing letters now as they are so many civilians send letter marked like Soldiers, I habe not heard from Leland since was over I don't know what he has done but was planning on going down to Sedalia and get job on the railroad well I had better close so write when you can.

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