Sunday, December 9, 2012

We sure have a swell time and take in a lots at shows.

postmarked Fort Leavenworth Kans. 9AM OCT 19 1942
letter from Corporal John Maxwell in an American Red Cross envelope to his ssiter Minerva Maxwell of Brimson MO.
letter written on >>"Army and Navy Young Men's Christian Association Fort Leavenworth
, Kansas Member Ageny, United Service Organizations, Inc. A Friendly Place For Men Away From Home."
OCt. 1942
Dear Sis
Well I got your letter today and was glad to hear from you, as I have the blues, it is raining to day the first time for awhile. Well I suppose I will be knowing before long if I will have a move comming the first of the motnh.
I think I will try and come home time this week if nothing does not happen but can't tell what will happen but can't tell what will happen as they are moving a lot of men. I went down to LaVerne last nite and was there Friday nite and and went to see the stage show. It sure was good I wish you were here to go with us We sure (over)have a swell time and take in a lots at shows. I think will stay in Most of this week but cna't tell Just what will do yet until the nite I get ready to take out I wish leland would have come out while he was off work but don't think he ever thinks at me and he never writes or anything. You want to write to Dale very often as they get very homesick for a while and the Letters help cheer them up. Well I had better close and hoping to see you all again soon but can't tell untill the time comes
with love

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