Friday, December 14, 2012

the lights flickered and there in the dull glow of a single lamp....

this reminds me of my dad and his cb radio...except the falling asleep at the wheel and gone to be with Jesus part, obviously....deb
The lights flickered and there in the dull glow of a single lamp was grandpa sitting in his old chair beside the radio turning the dial. Hat could hear the sound of him flicking from one channel to the next and then tuning in to one particular station.
Every friday night Hat would climb up on grandpa's lap, the sweet aroma of his pipe lingering in the air and they would listen to The Shadow radio drama together. Hat heard the announcer saying the familiar words: "The Shadow knows ... "
And then, Grandpa patted his knee. He was still dressed in bib overalls and his face was weathered from years of working in the fields in the hot sun and wind. Hat loved each wrinkle, each blemish. His was a kind face, the face of a man who had given his life in service for others.
Hat ran to him and climbed up on his lap, resting his head on grandpa's shoulder, the sound of the radio fading in and out. It had been years since he had sat with gramps and listened to The Shadow. Years since grandpa had fallen asleep at the wheel and left them to be with Jesus.
~ excerpt from the book "The Backroads: Long Road to Lancaster" by Traveler

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