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Dear Linda....

aunt minerva collection...
a letter from Patricia W. Surface, 401 Surface Drivce, Tazewell, Virginia 24651 dated July 27 1993
Dear Linda
I went to the court house today to check the court order book and deed indices. (? indexes, maybe?) With me its usually prompt or not at all. Unfortunately the first court order book is missing. I talked to the clerk and this is the first he was aware that it is gone. (I was unable to find it several months ago alos, but no one seemed to care. I supposed the clerk was having it restored or preserved.)
However Netti Schreiner Yantis's (?)) abstract of it in her Archives of the Pioneers would probably be all. that was there in the first place. I can order this on microfilm to be sure, but that takes several weeks.
I do want to say that there seems to me to be be no doubt that Mary Maxwell, son Maxwell Campbell (or Cammell(Campbell) MAxwell) is the same person called his daughter in James Maxwell's will, and again in the deed from Deed Book 3 pageds 256-258, by inference, since she is the same person called his daughter in his will. Note also that Audley's son John is called John Junior here, of course he just may have been Juriors (?) relation to James' son John.
deb's note....letter tends to run off the edge of paper...)
In James' willhe says in Will Book 1 p. 137---(land is crossed out) "To wife and at her decease to daughter Mary and at her decease to her son Maxwell Campbell. (Incidentally, Audley Campbell married in Wythe Co. Edley Cam(pbell?)
a m. Rashel Walker????? see picture...I am having a really hard time reading this writing....print, people. print.12 June 1806.
m. Daniel Jockett (???)
(can't read) 24 Nov 1806 d. of Christopher b. Peter Bid.
In Deed Book 1 p. 104 12OCt.1802 James Maxwell to Audley Campbell (This is indexed sas James Maxwell to Audley Maxwell) 200A.-200 pounds.
Another deed which interests me is the one in Deed Book 2 p.3 in which James Maxwell, Jenny, John Maxwell, & Jolly (?) sell to Willam.....of Tazwell) Maxwell $550
next page.....
on he now lives containing 157 acres being part of two tracts 850 acres part of a tract of 2 (runs off page) acrese granted to Mary & Sarah Maxwell (runs off page) 26Feb1793 & 77 acres part of a tract (runs off page) 120 acres issued to John Maxwell 20 nov 1802 "on the top of Taylor Ridge./i>
Who do you think Mary & Sarah were?
I charge $10 an hour for work at the courthouse or in microfilm at the library.
I hope Cora will be able to give you some additional information.
sincerely, Pat Surface
Have you checked the Rockbridge County deeds for 1802 to see what they say about land possible sold by Audley and William for James?
In Missouri you might look at county histories to see if a sketch on Maxwell Campbell or Campbell Maxwell gives any information about his family? (or an obituary in a newspaper?)
It is very late and I must stop for now. Sincerely, Pat Surface

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