Friday, January 4, 2013

the FACS pillow

Logan with the pillow case he made in FACS (the "new" name for the home ec of my day).
Unfortunately it's a standard pillowcase and he put it on a king sized pillow so the pillow sticks out but it looks good!
This picture so represents my life right now.
Logan's sitting on the couch watching tv while playing on the laptop, which is a common sight anymore.
In addition, when I told him I wanted a pic of him with the pillow he just threw the pillow on his lap and kept playing, saying "take the picture already".
Good thing he grinned as he said it or I would have had to smack the sass right out of the boy. ;-)
Pillow cases for sewing are cool. Max made an actual pillow 2 years ago - also cool. When I had home ec we had to sew dresses. And Mrs. Briggs made us all wear our dresses to school one day. I remember being afraid all day long that every seam would rip out and I would standing there in my skivvies in the hall for everyone to laugh at. A "real life" version of the classic going to school/work naked dream!

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