Tuesday, March 12, 2013

day 26-the oddest basketball game ever.

(from my sister Lisa's blog...)
Our boys officially lost by one point in double overtime although most of the people on our side of the gym (our parents and the team waiting for the next game) thought we really won. This was the 2 refs conferencing with the scorekeeper, coaches, and teams after somehow the other team was awarded 2 points at the end of the regular game (we were tied and we fouled them - they got ready to shoot the free throws and were 2 points ahead). After a long delay, discussing, calling in the head person for the tourney, etc. they finally took the 2 points off. Then the refs messed up in the 2nd overtime and gave the ball to the other team for a jump ball when it should have gone to us, so more discussing before time was put back on the clock and the ball went to us. In addition, some parents said we weren't credited for 2 points from a shot we made, which would have made all this other stuff irrelevant as we would have won (I looked away and didn't see this). Quite a comedy of errors...

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