Thursday, March 7, 2013

Missouri Century Farm Club

membership is awarded to Debra Lynn Axsom Dailey (1893-2005)
This certificate recognizes those families who have contributed to local, state, national, and international agriculture by owning and operating the same Missouri farm for 100 years of more. The Missouri Century Farm program is sponsored by University of Missouri Extension and the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, University of Missouri.
this is for the descendants of James C. Maxwell, who started the Maxwell Family Farm in 1893. the farm is in the Cat Creek Community, near Brimon, in Harrison County, Missouri. When Aunt Minerva passed, she left it to her nephew Jimmy Maxwell. she bought the farm from her parents, Tom & Gilly Maxwell, who bought it (or maybe it was left to them? not sure) from/by his father, James C. Maxwell.
throughout my childhood into my adult years Aunt Minerva hosted a family reunion dinner at the farm the first weekend in June. we played softball in the old hog lot, took hikes around the farm and looked at the old antique machinery and vehicles, hiked up the road to the farm where their long ago neighbor Amanda Shirley was mysteriously murdered...

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