Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On December 22, 1928, Roscoe Ward Craig was united in marriage to Nettie Miller,

foster daughter of MR and Mrs W.A. Miller of Ridgeway, Mo. They had two daughters, Gladys Elizabeth, born October 8, 1929, and Madolyn Rose, born August 20, 1935.
Elizabeth Craig was married to John R. Andrick,, son of Mr and MRs J.B. Andrick, on June 22, 1947. They have three sons, John Michael born June 13, 1948; Stephen Craig, born September 28, 1950;' and James Phillip born April 23 1953. They have one granddaughter, Sarah Marie Andrick, daughter of Stephen. John and Elizabeth live in Bethany, Missouri.
Madolyn was married to Larry Paul Courter, son of Mr and Mrs Orus Courter, on December 26, 1953. They have two daughterse and one son. Paula was born on March 1, 1955; Pamela on September 11, 1958; and Kevin on September 20, 1965. Dr. and Mrs Courter live in Jefferson City, Missouri.
Nettie Craig, widow of Ross Ward Craig, now lives in Lake Ozark, Missouri. Her love of life and family has endeared her to all.
The pioneer spirit of the Craig family has lived on through the descendants of Roderick Craig. Military achievement, leadership, scholarly pursuits, professional endeavors, religious participation, and a great sense of family loyalty and love has been handed down from one generation to the next.
Submitted by Madolyn (Craig) Courter.

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