Tuesday, April 9, 2013

an email from Robin....Feb 7 2001

todays episode finds our heroine facing a toilet that won't flush.
It was acting up the night before said heroine's husband departed on his latest voyage of worldly travel. The water would rise but not fall, so to speak, so he took the plunger to the problem and it seemed better. But alas, it was not! Last night it would rise, not fall, then after a lengthy period of time the water would drain out but not the toilet paper. Thinking quickly she instructed it to not be used for any function, esp. of the solid nature and to utilize the downstairs facility.
After sleeping on it and realizing that this problem was "something" and was not going to fix itself she called Bud's Sewer and Drain Service whose motto is: "A Good Flush Beats A Full House"...Amen to that! Bud himself showed up soon after the call and utilizing his auger fished a Dixie Cup out of the line! Hmmmmmmm! He said the plunging probably cleared accumulated paper from around the Dixie Cup temporarily only to have it collect again. He said it would not havbe disintegrated and a plumber would have been necessary sooner or later!
So our heroine was relieved to have a flushing toilet again and to know that she made the right decision!
Stay tuned for the next episode of....The misadventures of Robin...!!!

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