Monday, May 20, 2013

a facebook post from Vicki...

Four of my five sons were born in Midwest City, OK, just a little north of Moore. For eight years I hated Spring to come because hardly anyone had basements or storm shelters and we certainly didn't. I had to put my children in an emptied out hall closet many times. I never slept when it was storming at night. I always said I stayed up all night with weatherman Gary England. Yet, in all that time, we only had damage once from a funnel cloud that never actually touched the ground and we weren't home at the time. The storm tore our metal patio cover up and threw the wrought iron posts into our neighbor's roof. Now I know that closet wouldn't have protected us at all in a tornado the size of what hit Moore today. God bless those who have survived and give them peace.

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