Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shafer info from Aunt Mary letter 7-18-2013

KAREN KAY RAGAN married David Lloyd Andrew 1-3-87
Tony Eugene Ragan 11-21-84
Kimbery Marie (WMS) 5-5-76
Michael Leroy Ragan 7-29-82
Karen Kay married Frank Howard Ragan 12-7-74
Frankie Howard stillborn 2-28-75
divorced 11-2-79, got back together, ended it July 1982.
met Rodney Gene Courtney (in coma 1 year, died). He died shortly after Tony's birth.
Karen Kay will be 58 in 9-23.
Butchy O'Bryan by Judy
George Ross, Floyd Ross, Jerry, David, Michelle (all by Evelyn?), Andrew Mitchall a son of Butch, Sr.
JAMES LEE "JIMMY" had James Jr. & Dawn Marie and last Linda Leann (there may be more per Karen Kay.)
STEVE- Stevie & Robbie
CINDY-Josh, Jenny, & Malinda
GARY & BILL none
Butch, Sr was George Ross, so I wonder if Butchy O 'Bryan was also.

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