Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nancy May, Her Surname Finally Documented

from the Aug-Dec 1999 Axsom Association of America newsletter
The earliest genealogy documents concerning Joseph H Axsom and his family listed Joseph's wife's name as Nancy. Some documents had the characters "(MAY") after her name. This is a standard notation to indicate the maiden name. A marriage record for Joseph H and Nancy has never been located.d We could not be sure of the real maiden name of Joseph's wife without locating some contemporary document where her maiden name had been officially recorded.
For the past several months Norma Zanetti of Eden, NC has been concentrationg much of her research on Indiana Axsoms. Her annual correspondence with the editor has told of books ordered, Social Security records requested, Indiana reserachers contacted, marriage records requested,d etc. These are a part of Norma's quest to accurately document our Axsom heritage.
On Sept. 24 1999 Norma wrote "I am so excited. A lady in Bloomington IN agreed to get a copy of Samuel David's marriage record to Anne/Anna Hedrick on her next trip to Nashville, IN. She went this week and I received the copies today.
full name of bride Anne Wilkerson
maiden name, if widow Anne Hedrick
place of residence Brown Co, IN
age 27 (lots of discrepancies with her age)
race and color white
place of birth Brown Co IN
father Joseph Hedrick
mother Sarah A Mulllins
when and where married Brown Co IN Nov 6 1884, Asa Reeves, minister
full name of groom Samuel Axsom of Brown Co IN, age 80 years, white, born NC, father Joseph Axsom, mother Nancy MAY, no. of grooms marriages second (should've been three)
so we can finally remove that "(May)" *unknown* from our data bases.
there it is! on the occasion of his third marriage Samuel David Axsom put into the written record the maiden name of his by then deceased mother. Norma's letter continued....."Now, there is a family tradition among one life of Axsoms that Nancy's father was William May, a maker of spinning wheels. There were some Williams around, but they seemed to float around and I haven't found one who I think could be Nancy's father. Since Nancy seemed to be so close to Frederick May, I think Frederick was probsably her brother-although he was supposedly born in 1783, too-maybe they were twins. Frederick's father was Martin May. I dont' know if I'll ever be able to prove that Martin was Nancy's father-no will, and his estate records did not name his children. But, if I ever do, I will have a pretty good start on that May family. I have built a database of over 1500 May descendants. A recent find suggests that Frederick May was German."

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