Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Doze Family Christmas

Vicki Bever Doze with Dustin Doze in Colby, KS This was taken in Del City, OK, Dec. 25, 1975. Left to right: Dustin age 4, Jared age 2, and Cub age 8. All three received roller skates and even little Jared took right off in his! Look at those bell bottom jeans!
My five sons left to right: Dustin, David, Jesse, Cub and Jared. Taken Christmas 1992 in Brewster, KS
I was Mrs. Santa Claus at my husband's grandmother's house in Conway Springs, KS Christmas Eve 1965. Two little boys are Scott and Kelly Ravenstien. I think Kent's mother had fun putting powder in my hair! — in Conway Springs, KS.

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