Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Doctor's Orders-Home Treatment (from Great Grandpa Johnnie's wallet....)

These orders start from the day you leave the hospital.
Patients name Mr. John Axsom
1. Don't do any work for 12 weeks. Rest in bed 3 hours A.M. and P.M. 1st week. Rest in bed 2 hours A.M. and P.M. 2nd and 3rd weeks. Rest in bed 1 hour daily 4th, 5th, and 6th weeks.
2. Sleep or rest 9-10 hours nights for 6 weeks.
3. Do not ride for 2 weeks. Do not drive for 4 weeks.
4. Out of doors, every day-when weather permits.
5. You may go up and down stairs once daily 1st week, then any time.
6. Sponge-bath anytime. Shower bath anytime. Tub bath after 15 days.
7. Wear corset for 3 months. Wear binder nights for 3 weeks. Put supports on in bed.
8. DRESSINGS Wash wound with rubbing alcohol and dress with sterile gauze until no drainage. Then use clean towel, then wash with soap and water.
9. DIET Avoid fried foods and rich pasteries; use diet on back of this sheet.
11. MEDICATIONS: Milk of Magnesia 2 tablespoons as needed for bowels.
12. No athletics for 3 months. Don't dance for 3 months.
13. Call Dr. Montgomery or Dr. Wilkinson after 2 months for check-up, 1332 Professional Building, 2:00 P.M.--4 P.M.
15. Call Dr. Montomery, Ba. 1040, or Va. 7047, Dr. Wilkinson, ba. 1040, or Gi. 2224, Mrs. Wallace, Ha. 4110, or Li. 4879, or V. McCurdy, Ha. 4110 or Va. 2490, if we can help you.
16. (handwritten) "A very fine patient."
All food must be very thin for 3 months.
7:00 a.m. milk 4 ounces.
8:00 thin cereal with milk & sugar 4 ounces.
10:00 eggnog 4 ounces or poached egg with very thin toast
12:00 creamed soup. 2 crackers. Jello or custard 4 ounces
2:00 milk 4 ounces
4:00 ice cream 4 ounces
6:00 poached egg, melba toast, apple sauce 2 ounces
8:00 milk or egg nog, chocolate milk 4 ounces
drink water 4 ounces between feedings.
1. Things to remember: eat small amounts of thin finely divided food often
2. eat cooked fruits and vegetables. ground or pureed.
3. you may eat ground steak and chicken Oct. 10 1952
4. use butter to broil the steak
5. don't eat when you feel full
all soft foods: cereals cooked and strained, custard, ice cream, jello, junket, eggs, cooked fruit strained (thin), cooked vegetable strained (thin)

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