Sunday, April 27, 2014

a letter in Grandma Pauline's handwriting (I'm pretty sure it's her writing, anyway....)

from the Axsom shoebox of memories......
Speaking of leaving something out of a recipe, I think this one beats them all. A favorite nephew and his wife had driven 500 miles to visit relatives. We asked them to come & have lunch with us. They agreed. but said they'd have to leave soon after the meal to start their journey back home.
I decided to fix chicken & homemade noodles, as we knew that was a favorite of both of them. I cooked & boned the chicken and made a dessert the day before. So the day they came I removed the broth from the refrigerator, made & cooked the noodles, fixed mashed potatoes & a green salad. We four laughed & talked & enjoyed the meal. Barbara offered to help with the dishes after we'd eaten, but I told her I'd do them later. So they started on home. Imagine my surprise & embarrassment when I was putting leftovers away to find the container of boned chicken (that I always mix in with the cooked noodles) still sitting in the refrigerator!
Later on I asked them, "Why didn't you say something about it when we were eating?" They said, "We just figured hard times had hit you." We all laugh about the "chickenless noodles" everytime we're together now.

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