Wednesday, April 9, 2014

card Aunt Freeda sent to Koren & Cody when Ian was born.

"When our 18 year old city cousin from California came to the farm one summer, Bernard was probably 10. They had so much fun together. They made a tunnel through the baled hay in the barn shaped like an L by removing bales about half way up. I went through the dark, scratchy tunnel once! They were quite proud of themselves. When Dad realized what they had done and that they had been going through many times, he of course gave a stern lecture about the dangers-suffocation, getting trapped if the top bales collapsed-how would he be able to get through to save them? These were regular sized rectangle bales. Bernard loved to ride our palamino horse Princess. As he was growing up every boy wanted to be a cowboy. He even had boots and a hat. In the movies the good guys wore white hats.

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