Friday, April 18, 2014

Lisa's facebook post today....

Six months today. Dad, as always, you are in my thoughts. Love and miss you! Just doesn't seem like April without reports of how many morels you have found. FYI: Dad NEVER went out in the spring without an empty bread sack to put mushrooms in. Many times he would come in the house with that bag full and the overflow in his cap. Sometimes he would have his shirt off also, tied up like a sack, to hold many more. Lots of fond memories of mushroom hunting with the family as a child - especially of Dad and Grandpa Vermal.
and I had to comment "and Grandma Grace in her bib overalls rolled up to her knees."
Lisa replied: "Oh, Deb, I had forgotten that!! He he he. I just remember Grandpa being so competitive that he would run over us kids to get a mushroom before we could!"

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