Tuesday, April 29, 2014

list of names

handwritten notebook paper from The Axsom Shoebox of Memories....(all typos of course, belong to me, deb)
Grandpa Craig
Grandma Craig
Amanda Shafer died June 25 1988
Betty Shafer Ashley died July 14 1988
Eva Shafer Mathes died.
Bill Avril died June 1984
Roger Axsom died Jan 12 1987
Daisy Boyd Axsom died July 6 1986
Frank Marsden died Dec 16 '88
Edith Boyd Smith died 86?
Cliff Smith died.
Barney Powers Nettie's husband died '88
Charlie Uhler died Jan 19 1984
Amanda Uhler died
Ray Boyd (Clarke's wife) died 87?
Marvin Axsom died March 11 1990
Cora Boyd Axsom died>Jay Axsom died 1933.
Wayne Axsom died.
Junior Axsom died.
Norman Axsom died.
Alma Boyd died.
Gilbert Boyd died.>Anna Axsom Rilling died July 24 1992.
Mary Pauline Axsom died Dec. 6 1992. ( the handwriting on Grandma's death is different. I assume she wrote the original text. She would often note in letters anniversaries of deaths.)

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