Wednesday, April 9, 2014

newspaper clipping in the Axsom box....

Carl Potter, two miles north of Farmersville, recently brought to the Republican-Times office a clipping which contained an old bill of sale showing what farmers sold in 1849.
The clipping which was datelined Sikeston, Mo., is as follows:
An old sale bill found by L.I. Denton, farmer of Mississippi county, which was published in Kentucky in 1849, is of special interest to farmers because of the changes in farm practices since that time. The bill reads as follows: "Having sold my farm and am leaving for Oregon Territory by ox team, will offer on March 1, 1849, all my personal property to wit: All ox teams except two teams, Buck and Ben and Tom and Jerry; 2 milk cows; 1 gray mare and colt; 2 ox carts; 1 iron plow with wood mole board; 800 feet of poplar weather boards; 1000 three-foot clapboards; 1500 feet fence rails; one 60 gallon soap kettle; 85 sugar troughs made of white ash timber; 10 gallons maple syrup; 2 spinning wheels; 30 pounds of mutton tallow; 20 pounds of beef tallow; 1 large broom made by Jerry Wilson; 300 poles 100 split hoops; 100 empty barrels 1 32 gallon barrel of Johnson-Miller Whiskey 7 years old; 20 gallons apple brandy; one 40 gallon copper still; four sides of oak tanned leather; 1 dozen real hooks; 2 handle hooks; 3 schythes and cradles; 1 dozen wooden pitchforks one-half interest in tanyard; 7 32-calibre rifles; bullet molds and powder horn; 50 gallons of soft soap, hams, bacon, and lard; 40 gallons of sorghum molasses; six head of fox hounds, all soft mouthed except one." "At the same time I will sell my six negro slaves-2 men, 35 and 50 years old, 2 boys 12 and 18 years old, 2 mulatto wenches, 40 and 30 years old. Will sell all together to same party, as will not separate them. Terms of sale, cash in hnad, or note to draw 4 percent interest with Bob McConnell as Security. My home is on McCon's ferry pike. Sale will begin at 8 o'clock a.m. Plenty to eat and drink."

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