Monday, April 14, 2014

receipts from The Axsom Shoebox of Memories....

Jack's Repair Shop, General Repairs, Residence Phone 1108-W. billed to Alfred Axsom 4-26-60. sum of $170.86.
$9.28 Oct. 28 '63. to Roy Spencer's. for tractor gas. Bal. bro't for'd. $513.99. Bal Car'd For'd $504.71
Customer's Deposit Receipt. 6-17-64. Alfred Axsom 672 Gridley San Jose. Domestic. deposit amt. gas $15. Elec. $15. signed Mrs. Alfred Axsom
statement to A.E. Axsom. in account with Harrison County Abstract Company. date Nov. 18 1959. Certificate No. 33019. general certificate $5.00. transfer and copy work per page $2.50 @ 1 page. Recorders fees $1.25. total $8.75. paid Dec. 10 1959. .
Princeton MO Dec 8 1959 (Broyles Realty) to Mercer County Abstract Company 2 patents, recording 2 patents & affidavit pd. 12-18-59 $21.00
ck to Alfred Axsom $158.75; Bob Broyles & associates $175.00; Escrow att. abstract $25.00; total escrow $358.75. Pd. Harrison Co. Abstract $8.75; pd. Mercer Co Abstract 16.25 = $25.00, balance due Mercer co. $4.75.
State of Missouri Office of Secretary of State Motor Vehicle Department. Certificate of Title of a Motor Vehicle or Trailer. title number 7058997.
I, the undersigned, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles of the State of Missouri, Do Hereby Certify, pursuant to the provisions of Section 18, page 88, of the Acts of the General Assembly of Missouri, passed at the Extra Session of 1921, that an application has been made to me as by said Act prescribed, for a certificate of title of a motor vehicle or trailer as follows: 1925 1/2 ton Ford Pickup, engine no. 12198430 H.P. 22, bore 33/4. Alfred E. Axsom, Cainsville, Mo R#3,Harrison Co. Date 7-7-41.

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