Sunday, April 13, 2014

The parents of Charles Axsom

Aug-Dec 1999 Axsom Newsletter
The Axsom database has show Charles Axsom as an adopted son of Samuel David Axsom. Several Indiana Axsom descendants have commented that they were not aware of an adopted or natural son of Samuel David named Charles. Yet Charles was listed in the 1880 census records in the household of Samuel David. The database lists Nancy Jane Hall as Charles' wife.
Sharp-eyed Norma Zanetti saw that this 1880 census actually showed that "Charley was listed as a "Boarder" in Samuel's household. After further investigation into the matter, Norma reports, "...the marriage application for Charles and Nancy Jane Hall reads: Charles Axsom, father, Joseph; mother, Eliza Hall.....I had already found Charles Axsom listed in a supplemental marriage application index with parents named as Joseph and Eliza Hall, but I had to make sure it was the Charles who married Nancy Jane Hall." thanks Norma for clearing up this long-standing controversy!

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