Monday, August 25, 2014

"My Two Unbearable Sisters"

KJ College English Comparison Contrast Paper 10/12/09
I have decided to write about the many similarities and few differences between my two sisters. My older sister is 24, and has recently gotten married. My younger sister, will be eleven next month. It has always been humorous to me that, even though they are 13 years apart in age, they have very similar personalities.
The biggest similarity between my sisters is how they act. For anyone who has ever met my sister, it is easy to see how this can be a bad thing for people that live with her. I've read a lot of material that first born children have a very different personality than last born children, but I haven't seen any of this from my two sisters. My sisters are both very opinionated, and always speak their mind. They also have similar taste in TV shows, and almost every time she comes over, I am forced to watch "Bridezillas." I feel genuinely sorry for the person who has to marry some of those women. They also say bad things about people they know, but knowing my sisters, they probably tell the people what they say to each other. The biggest similarity is the way they look. If a person looked at pictures of Koren at Katie's age, they look almost exactly alike. It's kind of surprising that they look like identical twins, even though they are thirteen years apart.
One of the main differences my sisters have is how they approach extra-curricular activities. Katie tries to sign up for everything. She is currently in dance, 4-H, and softball. Koren did not like things like this, she joined cheerleading and quit halfway through the season, and she played a few years in band. Although, similar to her older sister, Katie always complains about these activities, and hates when they have events, such as a dance recital on the weekends, because she likes the free time that weekends give her. Koren crushed some of my childhood dreams, in the form of saying that Santa was fake when I was five; Katie has not done this, so it is a difference, although Katie probably would have if she got the chance.
Even they are very similar, they fight a lot, and I remember one instance in which she told Katie on vacation, that if she didn't stop messing with the talking doll, that she would throw it out the window. This caused Katie to cry, and Koren got in a lot of trouble. On every vacation we've been on since, they find something to get made at each other over, at least once. In spite of this, Katie is always ecstatic when Koren is coming over.
In conclusion, my sisters may not be exactly the same, but they still get along pretty well for siblings. They are very similar in the way they act, and they look almost exactly alike. They like the same shows and movies, and they even like that same kind of music. They only differences they have are small for the most part. In spite of this, I am their brother, and I love them both.

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