Friday, December 12, 2014

I love Vicki's posts! you just never know with her! and this one is so charming!

I remember those days, only all of the kids (even from other classes) took their little naps out in the hall and the teachers walked up and down the hallway, making sure we were all resting. I never could go to sleep! There was one boy next to me who wanted to be a cowboy and I wanted to be an Indian Princess. When the teachers were at the other end of the hall, he would tell me how he was going to capture me and that we'd live happily ever after! There was another boy on my other side who fell asleep every day on his back with his arms up over his head. Even then, my five year old brain thought, "How strange!" Yep, our teachers looked like the teachers in the picture!
(deb: if there was nap time when I was in kindergarten, I bet I took advantage of it....I never miss an opportunity to nap!!!!

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