Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Juanita Birth Certificate

certified copy stamped Nov 23 1982
Pettis County, Sedalia, MO 1904 D. Ohio St. file No. 14922. Registration District No. 668. Registered No. 71. Primary Registration District 3032. full name of child Juanita Marie Blaylock. born MArch 24 1940. full-term. legitimate. father: Clyde Garnett Blaylock., white, age 23. employment: WPA. Mother: Leona Marie Anthony. white. age 20. housewife. both reside at 1904 S. Ohio. both born in Pettis County, MO. this mother: 1 child born alive and living, 0 born alive but now dead, 0 stillborn births. baby not deformed. birth spontaneous. child not asphyxiated. patient consulted doctor 2nd month of pregnancy. this child born alive at 1 :45 p.m. this child's eyes were treated as required by law. dr. was Gordon Slauffoebe (? guessing?) filed 4-4-40 by Mrs. Harry Sneed.
handwritten at bottom: Clyde was working for Works Projects Administration. he was building roads with a mule pulled grader. Juanita was born at home on Easter Sunday.
this is fascinating....first, she gave birth to my husband. second....the form itself. list deformities. is child legitimate? wonder if this stuff is still on birth certificates?

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