Sunday, January 11, 2015

Aunt Mary says Great Grandpa Johnnie loved The Great Gildersleeve radio show

t he Great Gildersleeve was a happy endeavor where great talent met with great writing. Gildersleeve was invented by actor Harold Peary, who would play him through most of the character's life. However Gildy would also spend time under the stewardship of Willard Waterman. Leonard L. Levinson held the pen during the first season, and created most of the characters that filled Gildy's hometown of Summerfield. However, under the writing of John Whedon the show truly came to life.Gale Gordon Whedon would get credit for partially serializing some of the situations in Gildersleeve's life. Gildersleeve had to deal with a new family, Marjorie and Leroy, and try to raise them to be model citizens.In this he was sometimes aided by his feisty housekeeper, Birdie Lee Coggins. Outside the home Gildersleeve had many love interests and a circle of friends, The Jolly Boys Club, that kept him close to the earth. Episodes of The Great Gildersleeve can be enjoyed at Old Time Radio.

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