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John C. was a prisoner on Johnson Island.
The creation and administration of the Depot of Prisoners Of War, Johnson’s Island, Sandusky Bay, Ohio, is perhaps the most historically interesting part of the island’s colorful history. During the 40 months of its existence, approximately 10,000 men were processed into the stockade on Johnson’s Island. Most were Confederate officers. Twenty-six were either generals or officers who became generals during or after their imprisonment. Others confined there were a small number of privates, bushwhackers, guerrillas, and citizens suspected of disloyalty to the Union. The maximum number of prisoners at any one time was about 3224 in January, 1864. For more information, explore the history section of this web site.
they have a prisoner list, but not sure what John C's last name it through twice and didn't see the name of little Margaret's husband....(sigh)
After the surrender of Lee they all returned home, during the month of May, Margaret Maxwell, Sallie Maxwell, and John C. were taken with a strange malady from which all died. Sallie and John C. were buried the same day. In the fall Johana died, a promising young girl. Thomas Bates died with flux during the war. The father died in the fall of 1904 in his ninety-seventh year. There are only two living to my knowledge. They were buried near Roarks Gap on his farm. He never was rich, but a well-to-do farmer, also a merchant of note. He was frugal, honest, and a good father. Near the family burying ground stands a large and sturdy oak, below it at the brink of a little hill a large living spring of pure water runs gurgling into Clinch river. Near this spot the Roarks family was taken prisoner by the Indians, the youngest child too small to walk, they dashed it's brains out against the big oak. It may not be standing now, I have seen it many times. Sallie Maxwell married James Deskins in 1839. Was the parents of two boys, namely: Stephen Rush, and Moses Shanon, the mother died at an early age. Later her husband married Miss Rachel Herndon, had two children, George and Elizabeth. He sold out his farm, moved his family to Linn Co, MO. Moses Shanon and George Deskins both died in the Union Army.
time for a google search! Massacre of the Roark Family of Tazewell County By Emory L. Hamilton From the unpublished manuscript, Indian Atrocities Along the Clinch, Powell and Holston Rivers, pages 79-80. Bickley, in his History of Tazewell County (1), says: James Roark lived at the gap of the dividing ridge, between the waters of Clinch and Sandy rivers, through which passed the Dry Fork road, and which has since been known as Roark’s Gap. Early in 1789,a band of Shawnee Indians left their homes in the west, and ascending the Dry Fork, fell upon the defenseless family of Mr. Roark, and killed his wife and several children. Two sons and Mr. Roark were from home, and it may be, thus saved their own lives, as the Indians were rather numerous to have been beaten off by them, even if they had been home. This is the only instance that I have met with, of the Indians visiting the settlement of Tazewell before the winter had clearly broken. There was a heavy snow upon the ground at this time. From this time forward, the Roarks became the deadly enemy of the Indians, and sought them, even beyond the limits of the county. Mr. Roark and one of his sons (John), were afterwards killed in a battle, fought at what was then known as the Station Bottom, within the present limits of Floyd Co., KY. Bickley is mistaken by nine years in the date of this occurrence, as proven by a letter written to Col. William Preston, from Major (John) Taylor, dated Head of Clinch, March 18, 1780, (2) wherein he states: The 18th instant the Indians was in this neighborhood and fell in at James Roark’s, where they scalped seven (7) of his children and his wife. They are all dead, only one girl (except one girl?). They took 7 head of horses, 5 of which were the property of William Patterson. This part of ye country is in a scene of confusion, and I make no doubt that the country will break up without we can get some assistance. Corn is very scarce. Bickley does not list the names of Roark’s children or his wife. As to the Roark men becoming Indian fighters and James, and his son, John, being killed "in a battle at what was then known as Station Bottom, within the present limits of Floyd Co., KY" I can find nothing that confirms or denies this statement. The Station he refers to in Floyd Co., KY, could only have been Harman’s Station, built perhaps in 1789, by Matthias Harman, of Tazewell Co., and made famous by the escape story of Jenny Wiley from the Indians. (1) Summer’s "Annals of Southwest Virginia", page 106. (2) Taylor’s letter to Preston, Draper MSS 5 QQ 26.
James Deskins and wife are buried in Lynn County, MO. Stephen Rush married and lived on his father's farm. I had the pleasure of visiting his family and Elizabeth Smith and family in North Salem, MO.
google search: North Salem township, Linn County, Missouri (MO)
James Maxwell married Nancy Lawson, they were the parents of four children, James Worth and Sallie Ann, Frank M., and John Maxwell. They are dead and buried in the Deskins cemetery. Two of the children are dead, Frank and Sallie.
Margaret Maxwell married Berdine Deskins, July 14, 1840. were the fond parents of five children, three sons and two daughters.
George Washington was born April 8, 1841. He was drowned in Clinch river at the the age of two years. Stephen Rush, was born April 22, 1843. Mary Ann Deskins was born December 31, 1845. Sallie F. Deskins was born March 10, 1847. John Witten Deskins was born April 28, 1855. Stephen Rush fought in the Confederate Army. Was gunner in Captain Jackson's battery.
google search: Congratulations! We found 26 Record(s) for Stephen Rush Deskins in our database. has more than 13 billion genealogical records. Information that can often be found on these records includes: -Draft registration cards -Veterans' gravesites -Soldier pension indexes -Enlistment records (hit free trial button....but have to go out with my husband now and have some excitement in my life.)Berdine Deskins was born December 19, 1816, departed from this life April 15, 1897. Was eighty years and six months.

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