Saturday, March 21, 2015

letter from Bertie

This is the material Mary sent me she numbered the pages but no page 6 was never in the material sent-probably an error in numbering. There is also a separate sheet, eight in all.
As you will note, lots of incorrect names & spellings, but for someone her age spending days copying information without her glasses was a labor of love for her family.
deb'snote: I love this line: I know I have made many mistakes in transcription, but it is a labor of love, right or wrong!)
:Look through and see what you think Minerva, I want the information back after you're through with it. I didn't attempt to xerox. I'm sure it is much of the information you have.
Enclosed sheets for you and Grace Willa Peery, Mildred Creswell Fulkerson and Henry Fulkerson 's wifes obit. You'll never know from obit who she really was. When I saw Willa at Historical Bldg in 1990 she said this was Henry's wife. Note in Mildred's bio that neither Wilbur or Henry were even mentioned.(?I think? I can't criticize, because I have the worlds worst handwriting, but I also have trouble reading handwriting some days.... deb)
I believe Wilbur was a MD. Don't know where he lived. If a family depended on newspaper obits, they would lack information.
Then, too, I believe it is Adda Lena instead of Addalena. I had her in Cole School-8th grade. She was a fun young person & bright as a dollar. I recall when kids were preparing to take state exams to graduate from 8th grade, they were all studying & reviewing so hard. I even went to school Sat. mornings so we could review & study.
She had trouble remembering how to spell Alfalfa-suddenly she said, "I've got it-I'll say Adda Lena Fulkerson, Adda Lean Fulkerson, Adda-just take my initials. "
deb's note: how cool of a memory is this? honestly! I am proud that my son is carrying on the Maxwell family tradition of school teaching....Great Aunt Minerva would be proud, as well!
I may be wrong, but I do recall that incident vividly. Can't find any of those old school pictures-do don't remember for sure. Spelling makes sense either way, I guess.

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