Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vicki's snow pictures....

Tuesday's Treasures: The first picture was taken March 29th after the second blizzard on March 28, 1987. Yesterday I posted two pictures after the first blizzard on March 24th. You can see how the strong winds blew the snow into drifts and left some of the ground completely snowless! The boys and I had the best time sliding down these drifts. We used cookie sheets, leftover roofing shingles and pieces of cardboard to slide. I snapped my camera over 36 times until I discovered there wasn't any film in the camera! So sad. Please look carefully in the distance where you can barely see the top of a house. Then notice that same area in the second picture after the snow started to melt.
Monday's Memories! First set of pictures taken after the first blizzard March 24, 1987 four miles west of Colby, KS. My parents took the opportunity to stop by on the 26th before going to Winona to pick up my grandfather. They took him to Ft Dodge Soldier's Home. The wind drifted the snow so badly that we had an 8 to 10 ft. drift all across our front yard. I told my mom that they would have to climb a 10 ft. drift to get to our front door. When she got to the top, she yelled down, "I thought you were kidding, but you weren't!" The day they came turned out to be pretty sad for all of us because our Corgi/Sheltie named Scarlet got hit by a truck while all of us were outside checking out the other drifts, etc. We had to wrap her up and put her in the shed to await burial because the snow was so deep in the back and the ground was frozen solid.

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