Friday, April 24, 2015

A Bottle of Fragrence Went a Long Ways

for 4-16-2015 class, subject: SMELL
Only once have I had a bottle of Chanel No. 5. It was a gift from my first husband Al.
One day, when I was getting ready for work, the bottle slipped out of my hand, hit the bathroom sink and shattered. Stunned, I heard the prized liquid go gurgling down the drain. I hurriedly picked up the pieces of broken glass and left for work.
In the evening when I returned home, the house reeked of fragrance. I could literally taste it!
Pouring Clorox (bleach) down the drain and leaving the bathroom window open all night helped to rid the house of the potent fragrance.
Now, forty plus years later, I can laugh and proclaim, "My house once smelled like a French whorehouse!" Mary Johnson
Grandma's Lilacs
Grandma Daisy had two large lilac bushes behind her old, weathered farmhouse. They were close enough together that the branches overhang formed a tunnel. This became a favorite oasis for me and my little sister and brother to play or daydream.
When the lilac bushes were in bloom, we got an extra bonus. The fragrance was OH SO heavenly.
Bad Tasting Coffee
The former Waid's Restaurant near my home usually had good tasting coffee. But one time I recall when it wasn't.
Late one evening my ex husband and I, Richard ( a cook) and a few others were just sitting around visiting. A guy I'll call, "The Village Idiot" made the first intelligent remark I'd ever heard him make. After taking a big swig of his coffee, he spit and sputtered and muttered, "This coffee would sure make good carbureator cleaner!"
Unfortunately, I find that many restaurants serve coffee that smells bad and tastes even worse.
The Subject Literally Stunk
I once won third place in an essay contest when I was a sophomore in high school in Trenton, Missouri. The subject matter was not one that was near and dear to my heart. It was a class assignment. The subject literally stunk!
At the time, Trenton did not have a sewage disposal plant and desperately needed one. When one drove along old highway 65, near the bowling alley they were wise to roll up their car windows when nearing what the locals called "SHIT CREEK."
I was happy with my small monetary prize. And Trenton residents were even happier to get a sewage disposal plant.
Mary Johnson

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