Sunday, April 26, 2015

my obituary in progress.....

after reading a column by Kevin's Uncle Duane, decided now was as good a time as any.
Debra Lynn Axsom was the first born child of Bernard & Janet Axsom, entering this world Dec. 8 1964 at Wright Memorial Hospital, Trenton, MO. She was raised on dairy farms as the oldest of four children. Her parents were hard workers. The milking had to be done twice a day, every day. The first farm was her great grandparents Axsom. There was a rental farm near Modena. Her parents bought the farm near Halfrock when she was in elementary school. I remember coming home in 4th grade to the wonderment of our first color television. And the party line....everyone knew everyone's business. Went to school at Trenton, then Princeton, graduating in 1983. Member of choir, band, NIKE, FHA, National Honor Society, pom-pon squad, and VICA. babysat, worked at The Snack Shack, and two summer Manpower jobs. Met Kevin Dailey Jan. 7 1983 on a school bus to a VICA event. We were married September 28 1983, United Methodist Church, Mercer MO by Rev. Virginia Belt, with Shirley Slaughter Thomas and Brad Riggs as attendants. Kevin was going to Chillicothe Vo-Tech. Kevin graduated from Vo-Tech 1985, I was pregnant with our oldest daughter Koren.
lived in rented houses in Eagleville, Rock Port, Montgomery City, & Mercer MO, and apartments in Bethany, Chillicothe, & Albany, MO & Indianola, IA. and a couple of summers with the inlaws.
Deb worked in fast food, home day care, long term care facilities, and hog confinement. Kevin worked in factories, a feedmill, farm jobs, as a retail store asst. mgr. & manager, and loading trucks in a grocery warehouse.
we raised our three K's: Koren Marie Wills, Karl Joseph (KJ) & Katie Scarlett.
Deb loved to travel, that is, if you could convince her to get out of her jammies and turn off her crazy tv shows. she especially loved anything with Bigfoot or swamps. We went a lot of amazing places.....The Badlands and Mt. Rushmore...Pike's Peak....The Smokey Mountains...Villisca Axe Murder House.....Gulf Shores....The French cabins in the Ozarks where we could BBQ & just hang out...Carnton Plantation....The Myrtles...Jean Lafitte Swamp. Deb volunteered at school with Band Boosters and the Elementary Fall Festival and was a Girl Scout leader for years. She loved cheering for her kids....whether they were riding the bench in varsity basketball, had a part in the play, played soccer, dance team, spelling bees. She always thought the best thing she ever did was have children. Her house wasn't the cleanest, she wasn't a big fan of cooking, and loved her weiner dogs Sasha & Daisy more than her kids thought appropriate. She cried when her kids feelings were hurt, when they graduated from preschool, sixth grade, eight grade, high school, AND college; when Koren got married; when her grandson Ian was born. She loved to go to the movies, although her & Kevin had to take turns picking movies since he was more of an action/adventure guy and she was more of a ghost story/Johnny Depp/Paul Blart type gal. She loved to read, The Stand, The Outsiders, and Gone With The Wind were her favorites. She also liked to write, do genealogy research, take pictures, and make quilts and pillows with lots of love and no patterns. She threw ridiculous theme birthday parties for her children until they outgrew them. And countless sleepovers.
Deb climbed trees to read books as a girl, then developed a crippling fear of heights as an adult. She battled gray hair, wrinkles, and dentures. She loved to shop online and had quite the collection of Etsy handmade jewelry....homemade soap.....TeeSpring tshirts...Deb also loved books. She bought and sold books. She also went through a severe Frontierville addiction on Facebook....
Deb really enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom the first years of Koren's life. She made every effort to make every kids activities...and felt awful when she missed something. One of her pet peeves was people saying "I could NEVER stay home. I'd be so bored. I need adult interaction." Not Deb. she loved the days she didn't work. Deb had a soft spot for animals, over the years we've had many orphaned and stray pets. and she always fell for con artists. she'd believe about anything....which was why no one let her carry much cash on vacation. she'd just give it away.
Deb had a crippling addiction to Pepsi, sweet tea, homemade bread, and baked goods.

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