Monday, May 25, 2015

Jean Frisbie Memorial Day post.

I remember my grandma but I never got to meet my grandpa. I loved her so. My mom is sitting on her dads lap with a little white bonnet on. In this picture can barely see her she was a tiny baby back then. I loved my mom too very much. In my mind these people are heroes too. My mom was born in the USA but my grandparents came over with their parents from Germany. They didn't fight the wars but they did have to learn to live in the USA and they became citizens the old fashion way. I heard some stories and learned how to count to 10 in German but the parents of my grandparents wouldn't let the children talk in German. They told them we are in America now and we will speak English. My grandparents were children when they came here so my grandmother didn't know many words in German either. I knew this all my life but never gave it much thought till everyone got so into being offended!!! Where is their pride? The times have changed so much. Some of my thoughts this Memorial day.

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