Tuesday, June 30, 2015


aunt minerva collection
I hurried up real quick this Mon morning & got downtown & had Grandpa Maxwell's Civil War records that Gladys sent me copied for you & Grace.
Please send me a copy of what you have describing his physical appearance.
Enclosed copy of Josie Quigley Maxwell's bio that Mom had in her records. I'm sure same one Grace gave me from her records. Note: Lottie Ray wrote it-Mother always thought she did a good job! I don't know who Mrs. W. C. Ray was but Mother did! The enclosures thought you might find interesting!
Will send items & pictures back this weekend. Also Mildred Creswell Fulkerson's death notice-Bertie Willa Fulkerson Peery's mother. Patrick C. was Mildred's father.
I went to bed at 2 am-after you called, I was determined to find these war records. Cleaned out one bookcase & one file. To my surprise & satisfaction I found them! ha

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