Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Aunt Chardy on facebook.....

What a night. Had tornado watch. Go I gather the cats and dog up and went downstairs. Was down in basement about 1/2 hour. Had 3 inches in the rain gauge and water in the laundry room again. Third time this year.At least no boxes got wet and had all set up off the floor. I couldn't tell where the water was coming from as had three sides of the room that water was standing on the floor?? So If ever quits raining have repairs to make. My sister came down from country and we went to ST Joseph to see our sister's grandson home on leave. He's in the army station at Ft Bragg. Had a real good visit. Whenever we left St Joseph we ran in into heavy rain. Got back to KC and no rain. So we was visiting and the wind came up, got dark and started raining. So Janet (my sister) took off for home. Before she got 1 block from the house the siren went off.And she was heading to Liberty to I-35. Heard tornado was sited. Look for her to come back, BUT she went on and made it home. Said she had to pull over as raining so hard couldn't see the road couple of times. Tried to get her to stay the night, but didn't have her medicine she needed. And it's still raining this morning!!! Need to trade my car in and get a boat.

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