Saturday, July 11, 2015

Greetings Friends&Family, My beloved husband has been diagnosed w/GBM(glioblastima muliforme),this is a very aggressive stage 4 brain tumor.We have gone from"living the dream"to living a nightmare.Western medicine(Neurologists,Radiologists,&Oncologists)tell us he has approximately 4months to live if he doesn't do radiology&chemotherapy&if he does choose to toxify his body he might live another 2 years.Chris has ALREADY had brain surgery&had 1 of the masses removed,apparently they keep growing.......Our hope is to conquer this beast w/LOVE,prayers,CBD's,curcumin& all the above.To do this we will need a lot of support from our families&friends&community.I hope that some day they will use Chris as a case study in their clinical trials&be marveled at his miraculous sustainability w/GBM!I chose that crazy number as our goal because it's Chris's birthday,anything&everything will be a blessing.Chris has given a lot to our community,he is a passionate artist,a father of four brilliant children,a devoted husband,an honest friend,an insightful teacher,&a super funky fester!!!!!!Please help him Shine ON!!!!!!!!!!

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