Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mom & Aunt Chardy and their adventures.....I love their facebook posts! now if they'd only discover the art of selfies.....

Getting ready to leave for the lake Friday morning. Sister and I going to Sedalia State fair and to see Alabama Friday night. Spend Saturday at the camper and back Sunday. Good out of town trip for both of us.
Left Friday morning for the camper. Going and see Alabama at the Sedalia State Fair tonight. What a crowd!! We left before the concert was over as figure traffic would be BAD. Had 1 1/2 hour drive back to the camper. But had a good time and show was great. Alabama still great singers.
Forgot to say that whenever we got to the camper, had no electricity. They had a bad storm week before and it blew out some of the electric boxes and blew some TV's. Had to call and have Wolf (campground owner) come and see what happen to my box. It had tripped it and also the circuit breakers in the camper. But got it going. But it hit my neighbor dish, so we had no TV.That is when you get your reading done when no TV to watch and play games. Had a battle with ants, granddaddy long legs and also had a frog in the camper. My sister caught the frog and we put him out.

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