Saturday, August 1, 2015

Today is our 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. We wanted to share some of our wedding pictures with you. Some will be b&w and some in color. Some of you will have memories of being there with us. I will add descriptions with names after I post. Just click on the first picture and you'll be able to scan through them. Thank you for sharing this day with us through pictures.

Bride Vicki with Groom Kent and both sets of parents — at Community Congregational Church.
Our candle lighters my sister Tammy Durkin and Kent's niece Tammy Jenkins. Pianist was Ruth Hug and soloist was Dorothy Finlay.
My brother David Durkin was the ring bearer and Kent's little niece Cindy Jenkins was the flower girl. Cindy was so scared that her little hand shook and she forgot to drop the rose petals! Someone might recognize Principal Mr. Malcolm Laman on the left. Curt Irish and Arthur Miles in the back.
This is not a clear picture but it shows the red dresses. This is my sister Coleen Bever, The man on the left is Kent's uncle Bob Ravenstien.
My step-father is walking me down the isle! I am trying to concentrate on getting my dress down the isle with me! The hoop underneath was too wide for the isle! The little girl on the right is Kathy Hug.
This is not a clear picture but it shows the red dresses. This is my sister Coleen Bever, The man on the left is Kent's uncle Bob Ravenstien.
The wedding party l-r back: Kent's sister Barbara Jenkins, Vicki's sister Coleen Bever, bride and groom, Rev. Clifton Kruse, Kent's brother-in-law Don Jenkins, Dean Livingston. Front row l-r: Vicki's sister Tammy Durkin, Kent's niece Tammy Jenkins, Kent's niece Cindy Jenkins and Vicki's brother David Durkin
Time for the prayer and blessing. Kent's relatives wanted to write HELP ME! on the bottom of his shoes, but chickened out.
We had a double ring ceremony. Here Kent is saying "With this ring I thee wed." Rev. Clifton Kruse.
You may now kiss the bride! Brother David looks interested in this particular part of the wedding.
It's over! The church wasn't air conditioned, just had ceiling fans. It was a very hot day Aug. 1, 1965. The gnats were horrible and kept getting up in our faces.
The reception line. One of my favorite pictures because of the 90+ lady (I think she was blind) but she touches my check and grabs Kent's hand at the same time. The next lady was Laura Couzer (sp), daughter of the elderly lady. If I'm wrong and some of you remember who they were please let me know. I can't remember who the next couple was. The two girls are Kent's cousin Shiela and Nancy Kimple, don't remember who the man and little boy are or the lady coming down the stairs. But the next one was a co-worker at Katz Discount Drug Store and the last one is friend Elaine Bien
Hard work for Kent--he has his tongue sticking out in order to cut the cake! Everything was red and white and all the flowers we used were real red and white carnations.
Here is some color. Sharing of the cake!
Sharing the punch.
Gift table. Kent is reading a card and I'm interested in what it says! Kent's mother is checking things out. The two girls are friends, Jill Davidson and Vicki Anstaett.
Kent is asking, "When can we leave?" I know I said, "When I'm good and ready." No, I didn't! Lol!
Time to throw the bouquet. The corsage and prayer book had been removed first. The girls here are my cousins Kathy Reed and Debbie Melton, friend Vicki Anstaett and my sis Coleen Bever. I don't know who the girls in front were because I see them.
This is out of order--We are going to fix us a plate of cake, nuts and mints! Phyllis Shelton is helping us. In the background is Bob Hug, daughter Kathy Hug.
These ladies were wonderful at the reception table. L-R: Jean Livingston, Mrs. Bradley who made the cake and decorated the table, Mary McCullah is cutting the cake and Phyllis Shelton is looking on. I'm thinking the lady in black was my cousin Jana Melton Watt.
This is out of order--sorry. The wedding party waiting for the bride! Barbara Jenkins, Coleen Bever, Kent Doze, Don Jenkins and Dean Livingston. Candle lighters are seated next to my mother.
We have left the church so we could get rice thrown straight into our faces! My dress had red silk flowers cascading down all the way to the hem. It was given to me by my sweet Aunt Lela Bever Hills. Cousin Debbie Melton in the doorway in charge of my pretty curler bag that her sister had given to me in May for my high school graduation gift! Sister Coleen is letting go of some right. Cousin Connie Chandler is the little girl next to Coleen. Classmate JoAnne Kaff is behind the car. I don't know who the little girl is behind Coleen.
One of my favorite pictures. Too bad the photographer was next to Kent. She was trying to get out of the way, but didn't. I couldn't have gotten along without her. She helped me get dressed, made sure I had a six-pence for my shoe. The little girl interested in the inside of the car is cousin Judy Caler. Kent's uncle put our car up on blocks and even though it was funny, Kent wasn't amused!

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