Monday, October 12, 2015

so, sometimes I'm watching tv and my tv friends will say something that is so very appropriate to my own life that I have to pause the dvr and head to the computer to blog it....

and Kody Brown from Sister Wives did it this morning. he is of course talking about being a polygamist father living in 4 houses and not seeing all his children everyday. but it applies to me as a mother of 2 grown children who have moved out and a teenage daughter it seems like I never see. and a husband who works opposite shifts. this is exactly how I feel about our family cabin vacations. just being together like we were in the old days. seeing them in their jammies and with wet hair after they shower. listening to them bicker. watching them eat.
"So, it's more about not just doing something together, but actually having the experience where we're rubbing shoulders all the time....I'm not always around them every morning. This will be several days when I'm just with them, all of them."

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